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      We like to have things defined and framed. It’s more comfortable that way. However, If there is one thing that consistently eludes definition, one thing that, despite it ineffable qualities is incredibly omnipresent it would have to be, Art. We’re all familiar with the concept. And, If asked, is art good or necessary, most people will agree it is. For the most part they cannot tell you why it’s good, they just know enough about the general concept to assume its safe, fun, different, beautiful and sometimes challenging. Challenging, now that’s a different story. We regularly seek out the docile, familiar and gentle agenda, but when confronted with challenges and difficult decisions, we prefer not to talk about those things in public. But art is a quest for answers, and should bring new energy and perceptions to our awareness. Whether we are ready for it or not is a different story. So, tell me.

      Why or Why not, should we allow art to be challenging? And could it teach us to learn how to learn from each other so that experiencing something different isn’t so jarring to our everyday sensibilities.

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